A Word From Our Founder

For years I have traveled across the country involved in insurance study groups, millionaire travel, and various AFO meetings. Often, through conversation, I'll share that I built a vacation home in the mountains at South Fork, Colorado. Inevitably, another insurance agent will say, I have a vacation or second home at some other wonderful spot across the country. Often we talk about how great it would be to swap sites for a week during the year or just let another agent and his or her family rent our house or just let them use it for a few days. Insurance agents from our company are a unique group of professionals. I wouldn't let just anyone stay at our mountain home, but fellow agents are always a different situation. We have trust and respect for each other. With all this in mind, I thought why not set up a process that we could use to communicate in case we were interested in visiting a different part of the country. By establishing this website, we now have an opportunity to access our fellow agents directly and the two agents can determine the arrangement. We can have our own travel/ time share program!

We are just a unique and fortunate group of insurance sales people and it's all about the people business. I've already benefited from this and have gotten to visit the beach in Gulf Shores, AL, which I would not have known about if it wasn't for my fellow agent and his ability to let me rent from him and for a week at a much discounted price.

It's a wonderful WIN-WIN for everyone. We are truly blessed and it's fun to share with our agent friends and families. It will be easy for you to explore this more and hopefully it will lead to exciting opportunities for you and your family. Even if you are one of the young agents that may not own a vacation home - you will soon! You can still take advantage of the opportunity to rent from the agents that already own a vacation home.

We are working harder than ever selling life insurance, auto insurance, home insurance, mortgages, retirement accounts and even credit cards and even banking..we could all use a vacation!

It's a WIN-WIN in any case. Have fun, and let's enjoy our good fortunes! Founding Agent