Questions About Membership
How do I contact the homeowners?

Once you have been registered with us you will have unlimited access to our extensive database, which includes all the contact details you will need. However for privacy reasons we do not give out the addresses' or the telephone numbers of the property. We simply provide you with an email address to which you can post your enquiry.

Can I list more than one home?

Yes, you can list more than one home, but a sperate listing fee is required.

I forgot my username and password, now what?

Get in touch. If you send us all the details of your property you detailed when you initially registered we can email you back with all the login details you need.

Can I use my membership to make more than one exchange?

Your membership lasts for 12 months, so in that time you can contact and exchange with as many members as you see fit.

Do I have to give my password every time?

Yes. This is simply a security measure to keep your details secret. If you are having problems remembering it, then its probably best to have a generic password that you can use for a variety of internet sites.

Questions About the Properties
What is the difference between home swapping and home rental?

Home Swapping is a consensual agreement between two homeowners for the temporary exchange of their properties for the purpose of vacations. A home rental requires a payment by one party in exchange for the use of someone else's home on a temporary basis. This fee is between the owner and the holidaymaker. does not enter into any discussions or agreements regarding this fee, nor do we take any responsibility for over/under charging, non-payment, or damage committed to either the property or its contents. simply acts as an agent putting home-owners in touch with potential renters or swappers.

Can I include a picture of my home online?

Yes. We actively encourage this as this would increase your chances of people getting in contact with you.

What about the safety of my personal possessions?

We take the security and safety of your home and possessions very seriously. Therefore we strongly advise taking out home and contents insurance to protect you against any eventuality. In the event of any dispute this must be taken up with the parties involved. will not be held responsible for any damages occurred.

How long can a home swap last?

That's entirely up to you and your swapping partner. The normal time is either 7 or 14 days.

Is it typical to exchange automobiles?

It is quite common, once a mutual agreement has been arranged.

Technical Questions
How do I upload a photo of my home?

To upload a photo you must first make sure that is of a suitable quality as this will be a main focus of attention for our other members. Photos should be converted to the JPG file format, which means that after the filename you should see a (.jpg) extension. You must also take care to ensure that the photo is not excessive in file size. To check this using a PC open up your windows explorer and then right click on the photo you intend to upload to the site. Select 'properties' from the menu and you can see the actual file size of the image. Most images fail to upload because they exceed the recommended file size. Your photo should ideally be between 20k and 200k. To help you compress the image there is a range of image editing software available either online or at your local computer software suppliers. But don't worry if you simply cannot upload a photo. Just email it to us with your ID number and we will take care of the rest.

For any other technical problem not listed here

Should you experience any difficulty with or are unsure about how to get the most from the site then please do not hesitate to get in touch. We can normally answer all of your queries within twenty four hours. Just click on the 'contact us' button from the main menu.